Make the right choice of cabinets and create your own relaxing space

Your bathroom… a space to relax in. Whatever you choose for your cabinetry, wood, melamine or polyester, each material provides a different atmosphere for the same room. Whether it’s for a renovation or house construction, Ébénisterie Debonville works with clients to choose the cabinets and vanity that will create a peaceful and relaxing bathroom space.


Such a range of choices for the vanity countertop… granite, laminate, quartz to name a few.

A laminated countertop has its own attributes and the same can be said of quartz or granite and the whole range of materials available. It’s easy to feel lost in the face of this vast choice. Ébénisterie Debonville will provide advice and suggestions to match your lifestyle and budget.

A designer at your service

Cabinets in wood, melamine, polyester, polymer – countertops in laminate, quartz, granite – doorknobs… an in-house designer will guide you through the right selection of materials and accessories. Your designer can meet with you where you like and will layer each detail onto plans. This will be followed by the production design drawings, a photographic rendering, a schedule, production, assembly and installation of the finished work.



Bathtub surround: a personal touch to the bathroom

Ébénisterie Debonville brings a personal touch to any bathroom. The addition of a bath surround enhances the look of any bathtub. Space permitting, why not think about a make-up stand or a unit to maximize storage space in the bathroom?
Adding a personal touch also means thinking about things like handles, the waste basket, trim and windows among others.


Ébénisterie Debonville offers a limited one year guarantee for normal use on materials, manufacture and installation.

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