A personalized kitchen is a testament to family life

Preparing meals, evenings of talk around the kitchen island with close family… the kitchen is where we spend the most time. Present moments that become sweet memories are all the more precious in a space that is a reflection of you.
At Ébénisterie Debonville we listen to our clients. Cabinets in wood, melamine, polyester, our professionals outfit the cabinets based on a variety of factors. It comes down to a question of the price and durability of each material. Our aim is to create a modern and functional kitchen where our client can spend good times without worrying about maintaining the space.


The counter: an attractive addition

Whatever the countertop surface, laminate, granite or quartz, the counter offers an attractive addition to the kitchen cabinets and will definitely be made to match. The countertop exemplifies the character of this unifying room. A laminated, granite or quartz countertop…the choice is yours. At Ébénisterie Debonville we offer our clients sound advice.

Where to start?: meet with a designer

Renovating or constructing a kitchen requires a significant investment. At Ébénisterie Debonville, a productive work meeting with a designer is the starting point of any undertaking. The artist takes the dimensions for the kitchen cabinets and details about the chosen materials and draws them up into a plan. Next come the design drawings, a photo-rendering, a schedule, production, assembly and installation of the furnishings and finally you can cook up your favourite meal in this new room.



Ébénisterie Debonville offers a one year limited guarantee for normal wear on materials, manufacture and installation.